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   Thanks @feature.fm for the support! Check out their new Pop Spotify playlist including songs from yours truly http://bit.ly/1GG6vv5  As you might have noticed, I haven't been as active on here lately and for good reason. Since January, I've been busy working towards a new and exciting path. I'm proud to share that I have joined the Belmont University College of Law's Class of 2018! While music continues to be one of my greatest loves, I can't wait for this journey ahead. Stay tuned for new adventures, music and more. Eternal love and gratitude for all of you in my life  🇩🇪  I'm not NOT sayin I need a three piece suit in this fabric #ootd
 Me and my lady ❤️  RIP to this donut I just killed with my car   Last night in Germany. It's been an unforgettable last two weeks in this beautiful country with the people I love. Until next time 🇩🇪  Happy 4th from the Benz Museum here in Germany!  Happy National Superhero Day. Who else is getting excited for Age Of Ultron this Friday? #popwars
 Met this cutie tonight. Meet Snooty, at 67 he's the oldest living manatee in the world. Convinced he's just a giant puppy  Too ready for Pumpkin Spice Season! #basic  The Alps sure are nice to look at   Unleash the Kraken! #eastnashville #streetart  So glad to be at the Nashville Film Festival watching @yuri.figueroa & @joshmakesdocs first look at Manuel. Incredibly truthful and inspiring film.

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